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TECHCODE Silicon Valley

Ms.Min+1(650)316-7700 1172 Castro Street Mountain View, CA

Located in Castro Street, Mountain View in the Silicon Valley, a two-layer separate architecture, the area is about 1400 square meters, with headquarters of HP, Google and other companies as neighbors, with the global prestigious Stanford university near at hand. Since operation in September 2014, a total of 30 in team, now has four graduate. Half of the team has get the investment institutions.

Incubator Workstation

Discussion Area

Floor: 1F  Number: 3  Number of Seats: 5 /room

The discussion space is served for small groups to discuss. With no sealed space and mark glass on the entire wall, your team can discuss smoothly.

Recreation area


Equipped with sofa, round table and round sofa, the recreation area is spacious and comfortable with casual design. So you can relax in your spare time by drinking a cup of coffee in the sun so as to restore your energy for the work.

Independent Offices

floor:2    number:10 number of seats:2-4per room

With simple and neat design, the independent office is spacious and sunny. It includes L-shaped desk, movable seats and document cabinets, 3-layer bookcases and 4-layer lockable file cabinet, making your documents in order and more secure. You no longer n

Separate Conference Room

floor:1-2   number of seats:20-25per room

The large and open workstation is equipped with power and movable seats and document cabinets which allows your material more secure. The layout to three workstations in a row enables closer team discussion. The open workstation is spacious and bright, wi

Multi-functional Hall

floor:1   number of seats:80-100per room

Multi-functional Hall is the main activity venue for TechCode incubator in Silicon Valley. It can accommodate 80-100 people at the same time. Large screen projector display, USB wireless connected computer, enable you to share only by a click. With one ha