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Mr. Wang+49 30 8145 7740Karl-Liebknecht-Str.5, Berlin

Berlin incubator is located in 3F,Karl-Liebknecht-StraBe.5 more mocky building, Berlin. Berlin, known as "silicon valley in Europe," an innovation city, is ranked 2 in the Europe with 68 Co- Working Spaces and at the third place in the world, ahead of Japan, San Francisco and Madrid international metropolis. And it is well known that German companies have always been famous for its rigorous, dedicated, professional. Techcode Germany, will bring different entrepreneurs experience.

Incubator Workstation

Independent Offices

Number: 86

Independent Office space. The design is simple and spacious, sunny. Independent access control security, and you do not have to worry about confidential leaks. It is an ideal place for team work.

Recreation Area

Number: 1-2

The recreation area is spacious and comfortable with casual design. So you can relax in your spare time by drinking a cup of coffee in the sun so as to restore your energy for work.

Open Workstation

Number: 24

Wide space, equipped with power, movable seats and filing cabinets, so that your material is more secure and confidential. It’s a bright space with beautiful scenery outside the window.

Seperate Conference Room


Independent conference room, with configuration of electronic equipment and large screen to meet the needs of the conference.