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Founded in 2014, Techcode Venture Development Co., Ltd. focuses on operation and management of incubators and the dynamic growth of sci-tech startups. Over the past three years, the company has established physical incubators in the Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Berlin, Helsinki, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Gu’an, Xianghe, Dachang and Jiashan, and also established O2O platforms that congregate considerable resources of industry, academy, policies, finance and research. The company has explored a path to form innovation clusters by industry incubators and boost development by regional innovations.

TechCode has set up a world-class innovation platform across three continents that is capable of providing all resources for connectivity and upgrading of regional industry. By utilizing industry incubators, Techcode helps propel transformation and upgrading of regional economy, and work with local governments to optimize regional innovation environment to attract excellent innovators and jointly work for world-class innovation results so that Techcode industry incubators and local economy can be mutually beneficial and progressive.

Innovative Platform

As the primary R&D terminal of Techcode industry incubation, the innovation platform covering physical incubators, industry-academy-research platforms and academician workstations congregate five-dimensional resources of Techcode’s industry, academy, research, policies and capital across the world that propels in-depth and effective collaboration throughout the industry chain, achieve mutual benefit between research and industry, assist startups in their practice and turn technological outcomes into practice.

Innovative Environment

The local government is a strong impetus of regional economy development while industry policies are the macro-control approach that guides industry upgrading. By close cooperation with local governments and in light of local natural endowments, industry basis, talent advantage, etc. as well as both interior and exterior resources, Techcode offers customized and localized industry strategies to guarantee the necessary conditions of industry restructuring and upgrading.

Innovative Principal

An enterprise is the principal of technological innovation while small-sized enterprises play a dominant role. Techcode gives full play to these smaller enterprises. At present, the company targets at the new-round sci-tech revolutions and industry reforms all over the world, strives for advantageous position of strategic transformation and upgrading, concentrates on major incubation sectors like AI, med-tech and new materials, and attracts overseas senior talents and top-quality innovation projects.

Innovative Outcome

As the first industry incubation platform in China, Techcode demonstrates its paramount innovation outcomes as the world-class technologies, world-class projects and world-class talents. Till now, the total financing amount of Techcode members has reached CNY3 billion with estimated value of CNY41.2 billion. The platform has yielded 1,172 intellectual properties as well as quite a number of enterprises, public listing companies and hi-tech patents valued over CNY100 million.

The more frequent innovation and entrepreneurship occur in a region, the more important they are for the eco-system. And when we expanded this viewpoint to the whole world and view innovation and entrepreneurship through a global perspective, we saw how exciting a real "flat world" could be. We could not sit still and ignore this trend and the opportunities for innovation entrepreneurship in an era of globalization, so we started to build the Techcode Startups Nation at full speed.

As a startups nation without borders, Techcode will have the world's leading innovative urban resources fully integrated and optimally configured to help you develop a competitive business on multiple fronts. Techcode will accompany you from your first step, sharing all your joys and sorrows. We will establish a globalized and distributed incubation platform with incredible speed to lay a foundation for your development in every region. We will encourage and motivate you throughout your growth. We'll always stand by your side, experiencing the up and downs. We will achieve our entrepreneurial dream together in Techcode Global!

- Erica Huang