Startup Nations

Global Incubation Network

Techcode has established incubation systems in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Gu'an, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Berlin to provide innovators with a global entrepreneurial network and the integration of global innovation resources aimed at providing comprehensive service for entrepreneurs. It improves the possibility of entrepreneurship success and accelerates business growth rate. Techcode and CFLD collaboratively open up innovation incubator and industrial value chain by sustainedly incubating high growth entrepreneurial business and being combined with CFLD town mode to realize coordination innovation for sustainable development.

Current Operating State

Techcode has have 200 large enterprises partners, mentor team of more than 100 people, more than 50 local investment mechanism,
covering 9 major industries, including: Internet+, intelligent hardware, biological medicine, Internet financial, cloud computing. Among all the hatching project,
70% of the project has industrialization demand, 60% are industrialization of reserve project, medium and long term industrialization requirements.
The twelve Techcode incubator and accelerator have been receiving visitors of more than 40000 and organizing activities more than 850.

  • 19
    billion of total valuation
  • 167
    settled enterprises obtained financing
  • 512
  • 230
    project prize
  • 2500

Future Prospect

Over the next few years, TechCode plans to focus on sectors

  • Intelligent life
  • Health care
  • The new material
  • Cultural creativity
  • Precision manufacturing
  • The green building
  • Organic agriculture
  • Aerospace science and technology
  • Clean energy

The company aims to establish a global entrepreneurial system across 15 countries, encompassing as many as 40 sectors.

Additionally, Techcode will work with its strategic partners to integrate their respective advantages in campus construction and
incubator operation, as well as help innovative enterprises achieve industrialized development and promote balanced regional economies. Novel interactions and combined
efforts in industrial, academic, political, economic and R&D fields will facilitate innovative talent growth and resource acquisitions for a win-win situation.
International resources, global vision and local insight are combined to help regional economies go global.

The more frequent innovation and entrepreneurship occur in a region, the more important they are for the eco-system. And when we expanded this viewpoint to the whole world and view innovation and entrepreneurship through a global perspective, we saw how exciting a real "flat world" could be. We could not sit still and ignore this trend and the opportunities for innovation entrepreneurship in an era of globalization, so we started to build the Techcode Startups Nation at full speed.

As a startups nation without borders, Techcode will have the world's leading innovative urban resources fully integrated and optimally configured to help you develop a competitive business on multiple fronts. Techcode will accompany you from your first step, sharing all your joys and sorrows. We will establish a globalized and distributed incubation platform with incredible speed to lay a foundation for your development in every region. We will encourage and motivate you throughout your growth. We'll always stand by your side, experiencing the up and downs. We will achieve our entrepreneurial dream together in Techcode Global!

- Erica Huang