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Techcode in The Conference of China-ASEAN Technology Transfer And
Innovation Cooperation

On the morning of 13th Sep. 2017, the opening ceremony of The 5th Conference of China-ASEAN Technology Transfer And Innovation Cooperation and The Forum of Chinese Medicine Industry International Cooperation was held in Nanning. About 500 guests attended this ceremony, including leaders of Science And Technology Department of China and ASEAN countries. Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global was invited to attend and give her speech.

In this conference, Techcode and China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center(CATTC) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.Techcode hopes that the international industrial innovation center would become the platform serving for linking to China and ‘One Belt, One Road’ area.

Techcode and China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center(CATTC) signed
a strategic cooperation framework agreement

As the world's leading industry incubator operator, Techcode has a strategic layout in the field of comprehensive health. At the conference, Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode shared her ideas with the guests about building ‘One Belt, On Road’ regional ecosystem - Techcode Innovation Ecosystem with comprehensive health as the core. Guangxi has its unique advantages in both geography and transportation, which makes it the perfect link between China and ASEAN countries. Techcode took this conference as an opportunity to promote innovation information exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries along the One Belt And One Road.

Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode gives her speech.

Since its establishment, Techcode has been always practising ‘globalization, professionalization, branding’ strategy, gathering innovation centers, cutting-edge technologies, high-end talents, industrial resources, optimal capital all over the world. With AI, Comprehensive Health, New Energy/New Material as the leading industries, Techcode continues building the global entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, drawing the outline of the world's innovation industrial cluster.

Techcode has always been maintaining the deep cooperation with the China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center, and promoting industrialized innovation in the field of medical treatment and health. Through the ‘investment + innovation’ two-wheel driving mode of its global industrial innovation incubator platform , Techcode and its strategic partner, CFLD have achieved efficient industrial cross-regional landing of the innovation of comprehensive health industry.


So far there have been 198 projects applying for the incubation in Techcode, of which 31 applications have been approved. The projects covers a great number of different fields, including antibody and protein medicine, preventive and therapeutic vaccine, stem cells, immune therapy,diagnostic reagent, cardiovascular instrument and imaging equipment.

In the future, Techcode and its strategic partners, CFLD will continue establishing more innovation nodes and regional hubs globally hand in hand, focusing on the combination of the cultivation of global innovation soil and innovation integration.

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Founded in 2014, Techcode Venture Development Co., Ltd. focuses on operation and management of incubators and the dynamic growth of sci-tech startups. Over the past three years, the company has established physical incubators in the Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Berlin, Helsinki, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Gu’an, Xianghe, Dachang and Jiashan, and also established O2O platforms that congregate considerable resources of industry, academy, policies, finance and research. The company has explored a path to form innovation clusters by industry incubators and boost development by regional innovations.