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Techcode established its own ICV Global Research Institute,
painting the Chinese footprint on the canvas of global innovation.

On 6th September, Techcode held the opening ceremony of Techcode ICV(Intelligent Connected Vehicle) Global Research Institute and Gu’an ICV Industry Summit. All the guests who are the big names of this industry all gathered in Gu’an and shared their ideas about the future of ICV industry and its contribution to the regional economic development. The guests attended this ceremony included Secretary-general of the China Development Network Expert Committee of NDRC(National Development and Reform Commission), Changliang Yi, Executive Director of China Institute for Reform and Development, Konghui Guo,  an academician of China Engineering Academy, Weijie Gong,  Secretary-general of China ICV Innovation Alliance, Li Lin, Vice President of CFLD, Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global, Zhenhai Gao, President of Techcode ICV Global Research Institute and a number of senior government officers from Gu’an County, Langfang City.

Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global said, ‘we will further strengthen the cooperation with the world-leading automobile manufacturers and electronic components suppliers, developing the professional international accelerator and industry funds specially for ICV, improving the technology innovation, business integration, and jointly promoting the globalization, commercialization and industrialization of ICV’.

Later that day, Konghui Guo,  an academician of China Engineering Academy gave a keynote speech, and was hired as the head of the expert group of Techcode ICV Innovation Cluster.

Konghui Guo’s Speech Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global issues the letter of appointment for Konghui Guo.

The opening ceremony of Techcode ICV Global Research Institute and The Awarding Ceremony of Techcode ICV Industry Innovation Alliance was also successfully held.

The Speech of Zhenhai Gao, President of Techcode ICV Global Research Institute The Opening Ceremony of Techcode ICV Global Research Institute The Awarding Ceremony of Techcode ICV Industry Innovation Alliance Weike Yao, President of China Association for International Scientific And Technological Cooperation gives the speech.

Later, Techcode with its strategic partner, CFLD signed the cooperation contract with a series of ICV innovation companies, including Shen Yang Innovation Design Services Co.,Ltd, Beijing Shougang Chengyun Robot Co.,Ltd, Changchun Konghui Technology Co.,Ltd, and Shenzhen Kunshen Technology Co., Ltd.

The Signing Ceremony

On the same day, Techcode officially launched its ICV Industry Cluster, which is the significant product for Techcode and CFLD to seize of ICV industrial future for the regions.

In the event, a forum was also held on the following two topics: ‘semiconductor industry and ICV’ and ‘how to build ICV demonstration area and technical demand of automobile enterprises’.

ICV has always been one of the industries that Techcode focuses on. Therefore, Techcode has been putting great effort on promoting cooperation with the relevant organizations in this field, including high-quality universities like University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, Jilin University and Dalian University of Technology, and automobile companies such as Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and BAW.

As the creator and leader of global industrial incubators, along with CFLD, Techcode will serve as the guide in ICV industry, integrating the technology and commercialization in China, building the internationally competitive Chinese companies , so the innovation capability will be highly raised in China, and the development of regional innovation will be improved.

Techcode SME Service Co., Ltd. (‘Techcode’), established in 2014, is a professional agency specializing in the operation and management of incubators and the dynamic growth of science and technology enterprises. In the past three years, Techcode has established incubators in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Berlin, Helsinki, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Gu’an, Xianghe, Dachang, Jiashan, etc.At the same time, Techcode has also built an O2O platform, gathering the resources of industry, university, research, government and finance, exploring a road of industrial incubation leading to the forming of industrial innovative cluster, and promoting the regional innovation.