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With the flower of innovation blossoming,
Techcode has become a member of
China Automobile Innovative Incubator Alliance.

On 22nd August, the awarding ceremony of China Automobile Innovative Incubator Alliance was held in Beijing, which Techcode and China Electric Automobile Committee of 100 have both officially become the member of. The attendants of the ceremony included Xu Jian, the director of China Automobile Innovative Incubator Alliance, Xiaoshi Liu, the deputy secretary general of China Electric Automobile Committee of 100, Yuxuan Zhou,the head of China Electric Automobile Committee of 100, and the representatives from Techcode.

The First Automobile Incubator Alliance In China

Xu Jian, the director of China Automobile Innovative Incubator Alliance, has made a brief introduction about their alliance. China Automobile Innovative Incubator Alliance is the first automobile incubator alliance in China, congregating a series of functions including interpretation of relevant policies, resources connection, investment platform building, mentor services, and project cooperative incubation.

The alliance has achieved the strategic cooperation with 15 automobile and automobile core component suppliers including SAIC, GAC, BAIC and Delphi.

The director of Double Innovation Center of The Electric Automobile Committee of 100 shared the information of the committee’s development and showed their excitement of joining the alliance. The representative of Techcode introduced its global incubation mode and its ICV industry layout. As ICV is one of Techocode’s focuses, Techcode has established cooperative relationships with a number of well renowned universities both overseas and in China, such as University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, University of Arizona, Jilin University and Dalian University of Technology. In addition, Techcode has also built cooperation with a great number of whole vehicle enterprises. Techcode has achieved its ICV layout in Gu’an and Lishui, and in May this year, Global ICV Summit was successfully held in Gu’an by Techcode.

Techcode And The Committee of 100 Officially Join the Alliance

Later that day,in front of all the guests, Techcode and The Committee of 100 officially joined the alliance together. The Committee of 100 is the top think-tank of automobile industry in China, composed of government departments, research institutes, industry officers, scholars and entrepreneurs. The members of its consulting group are composed of a number of the heavyweights in this industry,including Gang Wan, Minister of Science and Technology, Wei Miao, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Guanhua Xu,the academician of Chinese Academy of Science,and Jinglian Wu, a researcher with the Development Research Center of the State Council. This committee will provide with the comprehensive strategic guidance of the automobile industry from the highest level, and help the alliance to offer more useful services to the entrepreneurs in this field.

The Committee of 100 is officially accepting the membership of the alliance.

Techcode will congregate the global resources using its global innovation network. By deepening the cooperation with China Automobile Innovative Incubator Alliance and The Committee of 100, Techcode will focus on building an optimal incubation platform for automobile enterprises, accelerating the formation of automobile innovative industrial cluster, and contributing to the development of ICV innovative incubation in China.

Techcode is officially accepting the membership of the alliance.


For Techcode, joining the alliance with The Committee of 100 means to bring its professional competence and resource collection and integration to a whole new level, supporting its establishment of ICV industry ecosystem. Supported by the service resources and competence of the alliance, Techcode will improve its layout in fields like automobile innovative industry, and achieve more high-quality automobile companies landing in China.

TechCode SME Service Co., Ltd. (‘TechCode’), established in 2014, is a professional agency specializing in the operation and management of incubators and the dynamic growth of science and technology enterprises. In the past three years, Techcode has established incubators in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Berlin, Helsinki, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Gu’an, Xianghe, Dachang, Jiashan, etc.At the same time, Techcode has also built an O2O platform, gathering the resources of industry, university, research, government and finance, exploring a road of industrial incubation leading to the forming of industrial innovative cluster, and promoting the regional innovation.