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Techcode Global Innovation Memorabilia of 2017 Half-Year

Global Innovation in Techcode,  24 Hours Without Border Limits

1. Techcode Korea

8th February, with the active promotion of Techcode, the opening ceremony and the project meeting of ‘Innovation Base of China (Dachang) of International Entrepreneur University ’was held successfully, and the first batch of Korean start-ups officially started their incubation in Techcode Dachang.

28th April, Techcode International Innovation Business Center(Dachang)was officially opened. Liya Feng, Vice Chairman of Dachang County Science Association, and Yantai Jin, Deputy Director of KOTRA, witnessed the opening ceremony. Techcode International Innovation Business Center was expected to bring the one-station efficient services to a whole new level for innovation start-ups in both China and Korea.

21st June, HUB, Seoul government-oriented start-up park, was officially opened. Yuanchun Piao, Mayer of Seoul attended the opening ceremony. Techcode was one of 15 companies of the first batch to move in the park, and also the first and only overseas incubator to move in.

Techcode will pave a green-path of innovation resources exchange for innovation companies from both Korea and China, helping the enterprises to find its suitable overseas market.

2.Techcode Israel

20th March, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu paid a state visit to China. Techcode was invited to attend Israeli Prime Minister Business Innovation Forum.

Yaffa Ben-Ari, Deputy Director of Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Director of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (left), and Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global (right)

22nd March, Techcode and CFLD jointly held Sino-Israel Innovation Dialogue on Hi-Tech Business. Attendants included Yaffa Ben-Ari, Deputy Director of Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Director of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yossi Katribas, officer of Sino-Israel Economic Cooperation Joint Working Group, and Xuedong Li, senior officer from China's National Development And Reform Commission.

Techcode Tel Aviv can be recognized as the innovation pioneer on the journey of One Belt,One Road. As the first Chinese Industry incubator in Israel, Techcode Tel Aviv has been playing an significant role in bonding the innovation industry of both sides. By taking initiative to congregate the resources of industry, academy, policies, finance, and research globally, Techcode has built an international platform for bridging the Israeli projects with China’s regional economic development.

3.Techcode Germany

24th April, Techcode and its strategic partner, CFLD, made their first appearance in the 71st HANNOVER MESSE 2017, during which Dr.Kammradt, Director of Brandenburg State Department of Economy, witnessed the MOU signing between Brandenburg State Department of Economy and Techcode Germany.

25th April, ‘the 10th Chinese Overseas Student International Communication And Cooperation Conference in Nanjing’ was opened in Nanjing International Expo Center. Jointly holding this conference, Techcode was aimed to build a bridge for innovation cooperation between Germany and Nanjing, to integrate the needs and optimal resources from both sides, so the German innovation resources would be introduced and the regional economic development would be achieved.

Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global (left), and Biao Chen, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen (right)

4th May, as the exclusive partner of CE China 2017 in Innovation Sector, Techcode and its strategic partner, CFLD, successfully introduced the start-ups from 9 countries including Germany, France and China to this event. Meanwhile, Techcode and IFA’s sponsor, Messe Berlin, signed an MOU of building a top-level display platform for start-ups around the world.

Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global (left), and Brigitte Zypries, Director of Germany’s Ministry of Economy And Energy (right)

13th May, shortly before Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global, was invited to ‘Chinese Young Entrepreneur Round Table Forum--Brigitte Zypries, Director of Germany’s Ministry of Economy And Energy, Face-to-Face’.

China’s Premier Keiqiang Li is giving a speech.

31st May (Berlin Time), China’s Premier of the State Council paid a state visit to Berlin, Germany, and met with Chancellor of Germany in the annual meeting. 1st June, General Manager of Techcode Germany was invited to attend ‘Sino-Germany Forum-Building Innovation ’, and signed the MOU with Brandenburg State.

As an international industry incubator, Techcode has showed the world the strength of China’s innovation industry, deepened the innovation cooperation between the two countries, and contributed greatly to the international communication in the field of innovation.

4. Techcode USA

3rd May, government officers from America and China visited Techcode Silicon Valley for an excellent Silicon Valley start-up roadshow jointly held by Techcode and technology delegation from University of Arizona.

17th May, ‘Global ICV Summit of 2017’ was successfully held in Gu’an, China. After tried the driverless car invented by Beijing Automoblie Brain, one of the incubated start-ups in Techcode, Jian Wang, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Industry And Information of Hebei Province was deeply amazed and highly approved Techcode’s great contribution to bridging the innovation resources between America and China.

Xiaodong Wang, Vice Governor of Hebei Province, is communicating with representatives of Techcode’s incubated company.

19th May, Xiaodong Wang, Vice Governor of Hebei Province, met with Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global, and entrepreneur representatives from start-ups incubated in Techcode Silicon Valley. Those start-ups focused on such fields as ICV, tele-medicine, VR, energy efficient server system. The great achievements of coaching American innovation projects landing in Hebei were highly praised by Vice Governor Wang.

24th June, Techcode was invited to Sino-America Incubation and Acceleration Summit, on which Techcode was awarded Incubator of The Year along with Plug&Play, and GSV Labs, two renowned pioneers of American local incubators.

As an international industry incubator, Techcode has set its map globally including in America. Techcode’s strategic layout in America has undoubtedly promoted the communication of innovation resources between the two countries. With the constant efforts from Techcode, the local resources of industry, academy and research were congregated closely, which led to the successful establishment of Silicon Valley AI Accelerator of Techcode.

5. Techcode Finland

8th April, Techcode Finland and Lenovo Finland became strategic partners officially. Signing MOU of building global grand health accelerator, both sides will be devoted to technology development of grand health and the further development of companies of Lenovo Finland.

Sipilä, Prime Minister of Finland (left), and Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global (right)

29th June, Techcode attended ‘Sino-Finnish Business Summit And China-Finland Committee for Innovative Business Cooperation ’ jointly held by  Department of European Affairs of China’s Commerce Ministry and Finland’s Ministry of Economy And Employment. On the meeting, Techcode was the first company of innovation industry to be invited to join the Directory Membership and participate its first meeting.

In two months, by congregating of comprehensive innovation resources, Techcode made its great contribution to the establishment of Sino-Finland innovation platform and China-Finland Committee for Innovative Business Cooperation.

6. Techcode Russia

14th June,Techcode Russia Hub was opened in Moscow, starting the first step of the innovation cooperation between Russia and China.

20th June, Techcode Shanghai successfully held Moscow-Shanghai Innovation Center Opening Ceremony And of Techcode Shanghai Two-Year Anniversary.

In the Open Innovation Forum in October, 2016, Techcode and Moscow government signed an MOU, and both sides would jointly build an global industrial Chinese-Russian innovation cluster.

With the trend of globalization, innovation elements are flowing around the world. Therefore, innovation communication among countries plays an increasingly important role in the development of each one. In the first half year of 2017, there was a high-frequency interaction between Techcode and the innovation countries around the world. The conception of ‘ global innovation, 24 hour without border limits’ demonstrates the advanced insights and unique value about innovation and incubation of Techcode.