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Techcode Incubator’s Global Layout Breaks New Ground

Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode Global

With ‘Global Technology-Techcode Acceleration-China Innovation’ as its business model, ‘globalization, professionalization, branding’ as its feature, Techcode focuses on connecting the world’s best technology with China, the world’s biggest market. Aiming to become the world-leading industrial incubator operator, Techcode gather the optimal resources for start-ups all around the world through its global layout. With the industrial alliance built up with a great number of business partners of of industry, academy, policies, finance and research, Techcode has explored a path to form innovation clusters by industry incubators and boost development by regional innovations. So far Techcode has established 30 incubators in 22 cities, 7 countries, showing us a picture of its global innovation community.

In the past 2 years, Techcode has incubated 735 high-tech start-ups, and the total financing of its incubated companies has been over 620 million dollars, and the total valuation has been over 7692 million dollars, of which there are 111 companies valued over 15 million dollars, and 19 companies valued over 75 million dollars. Some of its incubated companies has already been valued over 1billion dollars. 5 companies implemented M&A, 4 companies achieved public listing and 4 others are preparing for listing on the stock market. Techcode congregates innovation resources from the fields of intelligence, finance and technology, providing its incubation service with a focus on the industries of new material, comprehensive health, and AI.

So how did Techcode form its current development model? How did Techcode stand out in the waves of mass entrepreneurship and innovation? In the Science And Technology Daily Interview, Erica Huang, CEO of Techcode, shared the story of Techcode.

Learn From The History, Set Clear Goals

In 2008, capital winter, foreign companies withdrew their investment from China, and risk investors were basically holding back. Erica Huang said,‘today's entrepreneurs are much luckier. They are no longer the reckless business man for the conservatives, or the last resort for government officers. They are now the ‘trend’ of the present era. Mass Entrepreneurship And Innovation has given this era a clear direction, a friendly environment for the entrepreneurs, whether they succeed or not. Now the government officers are more willing to listen to the public and build a social culture that respects innovation and entrepreneurship, and guides the attention and favor of the resources of all parties to innovation and entrepreneurship.’

In the mature atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, Techocde becomes a big success. Through the accurate analysis of the industries, Techcode narrowed its current focus down to AI, comprehensive health and new materials/new energy. With the mode of ‘incubation-acceleration-landing in industrial park’, Techcode creates a professional incubator system.

Techcode’s Global Layout

At the end of 1998, Microsoft established Microsoft Research China in Beijing and later renamed it as Microsoft Research Asia. In the following decade, establishing research institutes in China became a key ‘chess move’ for most international big companies to launch in Chinese market.

Erica Huang said,‘ Nowadays,more and more people are leaving from multinational companies to join the circle of entrepreneurship and innovation.What we need to do is to build a good system and a good platform, build a commercial team, and get through the industrial chain. Techcode started its global layout at the very beginning, because to stand out in the innovation industry, congregating the optimal resources all round the world is a must. Our ultimate goal is to attract the high-quality foreign companies to China with our huge market and keep them in China by the rich resources we integrated from all over the world for them. In that way, we can introduce the oversea resources successfully to China and get to keep them. To keep going to the direction of internationalization, Techcode has been building its global layout of incubators from the very beginning, and so far we have our layout in a number of countries, like USA, Germany, Israel and Finland, building up cooperation with the local research institutes, NPOs, universities, accelerators, and international companies.’

From Innovation to Industrial Application

Erica Huang said, “Breaking the national barriers in the market, Techcode has always been follow its ‘gold principle’: to choose the industry with core technologies and a big application market.” Mass entrepreneurship and innovation have made a considerable number of new market forces become the source of economic stability in China. Hence, technology is bound to turn into a ‘booster’ for economic development.

The data shows that Techcode and CFLD are working together to build a benchmark of industrial incubator in Gu’an, Hebei Province, and discuss with the government about the new method of settlement. Techcode industry incubator in Gu’an is composed of entity incubator + industrial fund + innovative industrial cluster. By creating an industrial ecological cluster of ‘an institute, a base, a platform, a town’, Techcode ICV industrial cluster in Gu’an gets through the whole industry chain from upstream to downstream, forming the innovative industrial cluster at an ecosystem level.

In addition, in cooperation with CFLD Xianghe Industrial Park and Xianghe County government, Techcode is working on the establishment of its smart home innovative industrial cluster. After a series of research, Techcode locates its theme to Comprehensive Health, achieving the product upgrade by combining the existing home industry with health-care industry.

It is introduced that with the help of CFLD, Techcode has established more than 50 tech-innovation platforms and over 40 industry new cities around the world, forming the rounded system of ‘incubation-acceleration-professional industrial park-industry new city’.

Aim at Cultivating Chinese Companies of International Competency

Counting down to ‘ Entrepreneurship & Innovation Week’, with its advantage of global innovation network, Techcode will join us in both the main venue at Shanghai Chuangyang Chuanggu and another venue in Beijing for the coming event. Meanwhile, Techcode will hold ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation Week’ events in America, Germany, Israel and Finland. This time Techcode’s interaction among those 4 foreign counties with China would be the highlight of this big event.

‘Build the Chinese companies of great international competency’ Erica Huang said with determination and strength. In the following three years, Techcode will put more effort on new industries like AI, Comprehensive Health and ICV, building up its cloud resource platform, connecting the global innovation ecosystem across 40 sites, 15 countries, so the start-ups can find the optimal service in Techcode no matter where they are.