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CEO’s Note | For new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,
build Innovative Industrial Cluster and improve regional economy.

The recently concluded 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (the 19th CPC National Congress) is about China’ s future, is about how Chinese Communist Party(CCP) and our country will proceed with the past, is about the future of socialism with Chinese characteristics, is about the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. During the congress, General Secretary Xi has solemnly declared to the world that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, which is a penetrating summary of our national historical development from CCP and our country, marking that the development of CCP and China has reached a new point in the history.

What is ‘new’ in the ‘new era’?

In his report on the congress, General Secretary Xi demonstrated that, ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era.The main contradiction of our country's society has transformed into the contradiction between the people's increasingly demand of good life and the unbalanced and inadequate development ’.

Right now, our country has transformed into the world's second largest economy entity from a country of backward productive forces. Either from the perspective of economic base or economic aggregate, the problem of ‘backward productive forces’ has been solved, which is a big achievement of taking economic construction as the central task and developing productive forces since the great reform and opening.

Regional cooperation is an opportunity, and innovation is the driving force

At present, China has basically finished building a moderately prosperous society. However, the development of urban and rural areas and regions is uneven, and the phenomenon of serious inequality still exists. Strengthening regional economic collaborated development is the key to narrow the regional development gap, balance the living standard of people, and realize the equalization of basic public services and the common prosperity of all people.

Through the rapid development in recent years, China has formed the three core urban agglomerations which are Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and will promote regional economic coordinated development on this basis. The coordinated development of the region will not simply eliminate the backward production capacity of more developed cities and regions to its surrounding areas. In the era of knowledge-based economy, it is the free-flowing innovation elements that are the decisive factor to promote economic development and seize the highland of modern competition.

Techcode Action: For new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, build Innovative Industrial Cluster and improve regional economy.

One who does great things must have a great vision. To improve regional economy and improve people's livelihood, Techcode creatively proposes and practices the business model of innovative industrial incubator. Founded in 2014, Techcode has built 30 professional incubators and accelerators in 22 cities, 7 countries around the world, incubated and accelerated nearly 1300 high-tech enterprises, expanding its global innovation resources of of industry, academy, policies, finance and research.

With excellent ability of incubation and acceleration and a wide range of innovation ecosystem, Techcode has won the trust from a great number of regional governments and industrial parks, who have been working with Techcode as partners, jointly designing and building innovative industrial cluster. So far, Techcode and CFLD have jointly built innovative industrial clusters in a few regions, like Gu’an, Xianghe, Dachang, Jiashan, and Lishui, etc.

In these areas, we help regional governments and industrial parks to make the most suitable industrial planning with their local economic bases and natural endowments. At the same time, by establishing regional incubators, we help these areas to set up a batch of industrial innovation collaboration platform, which works as a portal to transfer Techcode’s global multi-level innovation elements, so the high-level innovative talents, patents and enterprises can form a gathering effect.

The formation of innovative industrial clusters is no easy task. Silicon Valley in the United States, Haifa in Israel and the Tsukuba in Japan have all been closely cooperated with the government, universities and industries, and invested a lot of resources and time to realize all those achievements. And these innovative industrial clusters have made a remarkable effect on the sustainable development of their national economy.

As a private enterprise, Techcode is willing to fully devote itself to the coordinated development of regional governments and high-tech parks. We believe that where there is a dream, the flowers will always bloom. We progress down to earth while aiming high. For the development of regional economy, the livelihood of people, we will dedicate ourselves to the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era!

—— Erica Huang,CEO of Techcode Global