Assisting startups on every step

  • TechCode is dedicated to becomeing the No.1 brand for of global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems eco-system by building a global incubator network in the world's most innovative cities and regions
  • TechCode effectively serves its members around the world through its global online platform.
  • TechCode improves the possibility of entrepreneurship success, accelerates business growth rate and continues to breed high-growth projects.
  • TechCode combines high-growth startup projects with China's industrial development, promotes the regional innovation-driven economic development, and supports industrial innovation and improvements.
  • TechCode boosts the innovation and growth of China's economy through global innovation.
  • Global Network

    TechCode is committed to breaking down geographic barriers and eliminating potential inequalities of international cooperation. It has established incubation systems in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Gu'an, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Berlin to provide innovators with a global support network aimed at efficient sharing of resources and access to essential value-added services.

  • Ecological Incubation Network

    At each stage of development, TechCode’s networked incubation system integrates key innovative elements from around the world. By combining global vision with local insight,TechCode enables entrepreneurs to develop together with governments, economic organizations and R&D institutions for a win-win situation.

  • Six Strategic Models.

    TechCode helps entrepreneurial teams to concentrate on core innovative technology R&D and manage risks to achieve rapid, effective and sustainable growth.


Over the next few years, TechCode plans to focus on sectors including smart lifestyle, healthcare, new materials, green architecture, organic agriculture, aerospace technology, clean energy, cultural creativity and sophisticated manufacturing. The company aims to establish a global entrepreneurial system across 15 countries, encompassing as many as 40 sectors.

Additionally, TechCode will work with its strategic partners to integrate their respective advantages in campus construction and incubator operation, as well as help innovative enterprises achieve industrialized development and promote balanced regional economies. Novel interactions and combined efforts in industrial, academic, political, economic and R&D fields will facilitate innovative talent growth and resource acquisitions for a win-win situation. International resources, global vision and local insight are combined to help regional economies go global.

  The more frequent innovation and entrepreneurship occur in a region, the more important they are for the ecosystem. And when we expanded this viewpoint to the whole world and view innovation and entrepreneurship through a global perspective, we saw how exciting a real "flat world" could be. We could not sit still and ignore this trend and the opportunities for innovation entrepreneurship in an era of globalization, so we start ed to build the TechCode Startups Nation at full speed.

  As a startups nation without borders, TechCode will have the world's leading innovative urban resources fully integrated and optimally configured to help you develop a competitive business on multiple fronts. TechCode will accompany you from your first step, sharing all your joys and sorrows. We will establish a globalized and distributed incubation platform with incredible speed to lay a foundation for your development in every region. We will encourage and motivate you throughout your growth. We'll always stand by your side, experiencing the up and downs in the entrepreneurship with you. Let’s achieve our entrepreneurial dreams together through TechCode!

——Erica Huang
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